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If you live in Luton or Dunstable and you are looking for Pop, Rock & RnB singing lessons, you may want take a few minutes to read this article. Did you know that according to a study done by the BBC on Nov 9 2011 amongst male and females between the ages of 16 – 65, that the number 1 reason why people do not attempt to sing, even though it may be a life long dream to do so was due to a LACK OF CONFIDENCE.
Sadly so many people lose their confidence after being criticised by friends and family. Something that comes to mind when I hear stories like this comes from the film Pursuit to Happiness, where Will Smith says these words to his son.



 I would encourage you all to take heed of the advice, if it really is your dream to sing.


You see most people have great voices inside of them and all it takes are lessons based around confidence to trigger the awareness of that fact and then the fun begins. In my 5 years of teaching all over europe the most common thing people say to me after I have helped them to become better singers is ” Thank you so much for helping me to have confidence in myself again” hearing this reafirms to me that singing is 20% physical and 80% mental and this is why I base my classes around exersizes to build one’s confidence instead of all the text book mumbo jumbo.



So if you want singing lessons in Luton or Dunstable and would like to discover your unique tone the way ADEL, Emilie Sande, Ellie Goldine has and also the way Amy winehouse did, or if you are a guy the  way Justin Timberlake, Chris Martin Ed Shearon and Sam Smith.

Or maybe you want to discover the gutsy powerful side of your voice and be able to bang out those high E,F and G notes the way

beyonce 1

Beyonce knowles, Jessie J,Celine Dionne and off course Mariah Carey does, or for the guys to be able to belt out the high B,C,D notes the way the way Bruno Mars, bon jovi, The late great Michael Jackson did, although I am sure Michael Jackson probably sang much higher than a D.

michael jackson

Or maybe you would like to bring out the diver in you and sing with the passion and confidence of a Mary j blige, Josh Stone who is probably the most under rated singer on the planet, or the late great Whitney Houston.


Or Maybe you would like to sing songs from all the great musicals such as Cats, Wicked, Hairspray, Chicago, Starlight Express, we will rock you The lion King, the list goes on and on?

we will rock you


Or could it be that you finally want to try out for  The Xfactor, Britains Got Talent or The Voice?




ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, right here is where you can start doing just that. So if you want singing lessons in Luton and you are sick and tired  of allowing your lack of confidence stopping you from pursuing your dreams, allow me to invite you to take a leap of faith by clicking on the link below that says “Get Your FREE 1 hour no obligation class” Today!

Click Here To Claim Your FREE 1 Hour No Obligation Lesson!


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  1. Steve
    3 years ago

    I am a young looking 50yr old guy with a dream to sing. Been told am good. Old or new music alk is good. Would live a free singing lesson and some feedback be it good or bad

  2. paloma
    3 years ago

    my name is paloma im under 12 i have a good voice i like rnb i need some singing lessons i heard its for free so i wont to join my voice is good but the thing is i need to know the notes cause i thought singing was singing but i know i need to be studing to be a pop artist cause when i get bigger i wont to be a pop artist and dancer so this is my chances so please contact me soon thanks bye.

    • Santella Austin
      3 years ago

      Get your Parents to give me a call then we can go from there

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