Beginners Singing lessons for Teens

With so much bad press going around about teenagers in the U.k,
It is time for adults to create opportunities for youngester, so that they
can work towards a wothwhile goal.

There has never been a better time in history whereby the possibilities for youngsters
to excell has been so great.  Technology and numerous talent shows has more or less
levelled the playing field.

2 examples of this is Justin Beiber. He uploaded songs of himself singing Usher songs and
when the man himself heard the material he signed him and now he is living the dream.



Who can forget Jessi J, who while she was 15 at the Brit school uploaded many videos of her
singing on you tube and again the rest is history.


Personally I am excited to be in a position whereby i can inspire young people to reach for
the stars by helping them to become great singers. I have met so many people over the years who
did not realise they could sing  until I made them aware of it and this is such an exciting
phenomon, for myself and the student.


For this reason, I want to encourage all the teenagers in Luton and Dunstable to come and see
me and I  promise you, if you have something inside you, I will find it and bring it out like no
other singing teacher can. so click the link below and see what I can offer.


Click Here To Claim Your FREE 1 Hour No Obligation Lesson!


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  1. Charlene Strapp
    4 years ago

    I have an 8 year old Daughter looking to start singing lessons could you help please?

    Thank you


    • Santella Austin
      4 years ago

      if you call me on 07504297243 you can have a free
      trail lesson and we can go from there

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