Private Singing Lessons – how Important is it?

Private Singing lessons Is bar none the most important thing someone can take,
If they are serious about doing it as a living. That one to one experience allows
you and you alone to express yourself in ways you could never do as a group.

Let me explain

As I have mentioned in my other articles, one of the biggest reasons why individauls
do not saw when it comes to singingĀ  is be cause they are afraid to make mistakes,
they dont want to try for a note they think is high for them incase they cannot hit the
the note and they soumd bad.

afraid to sing high

I tell my students all the time that they have to be prepared to sound bad in order to
sound good, in other words imbrace making mistakes. With that in mind, people are less
likely to attempt this concept within a group inviroment for fear of what other people will
think and for fear of e laughed at, consequently that hinders the vocal growth of the individual.


Other reasons for private coaching is the time it takes to correct someone who is having
problems with tuning. In my experience playing the actaully melody notes of a song and
getting the individual to sing it back is the remedy for out of tune singing, however the time
it takes to impliment this exersize would be impossible within a group.


In a nutshell what I am saying is if you want singing to be something you pursue as a living,
private lessons has to be part of the equation. If however you just want to do it for a hobby
then group singing could be the way to go . so if you are serious about improving your singing
voice, click the link below and find out the best way to do it.

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  1. Valerie Bastien
    4 years ago

    There is a lot someone can learn intuitively by singing on their own but taking lessons would certainly offer new opportunities to learn and develop skills. In my opinion, taking singing lessons is too often underrated!

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