Songwriting & Recording Lessons

If you have ever wanted to learn how to write your own songs, then this is
a must for you. Santella will break down the mystery of songwriting and have
you writing songs in no time at all.

Santella’s approach to songwriting again gets straight to the doing, without all
the text book mumbo jumbo. Not only will you learn how to write songs, you will
learn how to record it using the new logic X Software, so by the time you have ended
your sessions, you will walk out with your very own demo recording to show of to friends
and family.

Who is this for?

Ideally it is something he offers to his private singing students, because most of them seem to
be geared towards the pop music industry, so to his mind it is imperitive that they learn
how to write songs and know how to work in a recording studio, however for those
who just want to learn how to write songs alone, this is a very good place to start.

What is the price?

Wow that is the million pound question, Again it blows all the competion in bedfordshire
out of the water. For his existing students and for any new student that come on board in
the next 2 months, it will be a steal at £25 an hour, however I am not sure how long he can
keep it at this low price and believe me that is not a marketing ploy.

By March 2014, the price will be at least £35 and hour and that is without the singing lessons,
so it makes sense to get in now while you can.

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