Vocal Range – Do you know what yours is?

99% of the students I have taught over the years did not know their vocal range
until they met me.This is very surprising to me because if one does not know
their vocal range, they are limiting themselves in a very big way, Let me explain

If you are someone who wants to audition for lets say Xfactor and you are looking
for suitable songs. The tendancy is for people to sing the songs they like which is a
good things, however the songs highest melody note may go up to an F5, which is
very high. If your range only goes up to a D5, that means that you should not attempt
to sing that song in that key.


Know Your Range = finding the right song


If you knew your vocal range however you would know that the song needs to be
transposed 1 and a half tones down for you to be sure of singing well, otherwise you
might attempt it and destroy your chance of being succesful in the said audition.


Another example would be that you if you have a high set voice and you choose a song that
is very low for your voice, even though you would most probably be able to sing it,
chances are that it would sound very boring because it would lack vocal dynamics.


Another reason why it is imperitive to know your range, is when a female wants to sing a mans
song or vica versa. If it is not transposed in the corect key for the singer, it would literally
destroy the song, again if one is not utilizing their dynamic range it would make them sound very
boring and I am sure no-one wants that.


The final reason may suprise you


If you are a songwriter and you do not know you voacl range, you could end up writing songs that
do not show your voice off. I have worked with many people who write their on songs and most of
them just choose a key (usually a safe key) and write their songs.


Awareness is the key


After hearing their songs I usually say, try it 1 tone higher and see what you think.
upon doing that they always find it sounds better in a higher key, I have actaully had people trans
pose their whole catalogue of songs that they were writing for years once they became aware of how
much higher they could sing.

The video below may make you laugh, however all this guy needed to do was to sing the song in a
Lower key and he would of been alright, but I guess the show needs to have people to laugh at and
Unfortunately he was chosen.


Know your range and avoid this scenario


I hope that has given you food for thought and If you want to know how to find your range, I suggest
you Click here and arrange your FREE 1 hour no obligation lesson and I will show you how.

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